MMJ grow boxes breaks down the SuperBox Grow Closet and the Superlocker Grow Box.

Superlocker Grow Bow, Become an Expert Grower

If a sleek and stylish design along with efficiency is a must for you, then the LED Superlocker 3.0 is it. Standard with every unit is a Kind LED grow light; this cabinet was designed with the utmost care to produce significant results in a short time frame, while also consuming less electricity than its counterparts. With discretion a top priority and promising high yields, you can become an expert grower and just a few easy to follow steps. Full instructions are included with all cabinets and a few extra steps you can achieve phenomenal results. All you do is refill the unit’s reservoir every 7 to 14 days, put in the nutrients which come with your Superlocker LED Grow Box, and check for optimal ph levels. Easy as 1-2-3! Growers of all skill sets will love this cabinet.

SuperBox Grow Closet, Pros and Cons

Next up is the SuperBox Grow Closet, unique and innovative this indoor marijuana grow box from SuperCloset has received many accolades for its grow system. This unit is very user-friendly even if you have had no prior experience. The unit comes fully assembled to ensure that you will be up and running in no time. Some of the amazing pros with this strategic cabinet include innovative technology such as an activated carbon filter to hide the smell and various automatic controls including hygrometer, thermometer, TDS meter, feeding timer, and light timer. Complete with an adjustable circulation fan to provide airflow for up to eight plants this unit will not disappoint. On the downside, it is not LED, but you could swap the light out after purchase if you wanted to go that route. Some growers feel that the use of webbing is necessary to make up for the lack of vertical space.

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